Dubai In 2023: What to Expect & What to Do This Year?

Dubai In 2023: What to Expect & What to Do This Year?

Feb 27th, 2023
Dubai In 2023: What to Expect & What to Do This Year?
Dubai is a popular tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates. People from different parts of the world visit Dubai to explore this world-class city. Dubai welcomes tourists and offers amazing adventures and a high-end shopping experience that you cannot find elsewhere. It is a perfect place for family fun.
Places to look forward to in 2023
Dubai has a perfect mix of modernity and tradition with lots of spectacular places to explore. There are several architectural marvels in this amazing city that you should not miss.
Burj Al Arab
This is a classic landmark in Dubai towering 321 meters. A seven-star hotel is the world’s tallest suite hotel. It is located on a manmade island and connected via a private bridge to a mainland. Art frames and furniture in this hotel have been embellished with 24-carat gold.
Burj Khalifa
The world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa is an iconic place to explore in Dubai. This is an engineering marvel with two observation decks on the 124th and 148th floors.
Palm Jumeirah
When viewed from above Palm Jumeirah has a palm tree shape. The island has Dubai’s premium luxury resorts. Concrete and steel were not used in creating the Palm Jumeriah. Palm Jumeirah islands offer everything from hotels, and shopping malls to luxury beach resorts.
Dubai Aquarium
It is one of the largest indoor aquariums across the globe located in the Dubai Mall. Here more than 33,000 aquatic animals are found comprising over 140 species. Cage snorkeling attracts people as they can snorkel in a 10-million-liter water-filled tank that comprises diverse marine life.
Museum of the Future
Considered the most beautiful buildings across the globe, the Museum of the future is located on Sheikh Zayed Road. The seven-story elliptical structure is made from stainless steel and Arabic calligraphy quotes are inscribed on the structure.
Dubai Marina
The manmade canal city Dubai Marina faces Arabian Gulf. You can take a yacht, Arabian dhow, or speed boat to explore the area. This waterfront location is perfect to enjoy sunrise and sunset. Dubai Marina has amazing landscaped greenery.
Activities to do in 2023
Dubai offers lots of fun activities to do that you must try in 2023.
Sky diving
Enjoy an exciting adrenaline rush with the Dubai sky diving experience. Feel the heaven by sky diving from 13,000 ft above the Palm Jumeirah.
Dubai desert safari
When in Dubai, a desert safari is something you must not miss. Riding over dunes with a 4-wheeler can be a scary but amazing experience. You can also enjoy a camel ride, dinner, and sand board.
Dhow ride
Dhow ride is best for spending romantic time. Dhow cruise creek is a two-hour dinner cruise where you can enjoy varieties of cuisines.
Hop-on hop-off bus tours Dubai are a great way to explore Dubai. Most tours have different routes so you can plan your itinerary. You can change lines when needed. When you are done with any sightseeing route, there is always an opportunity to upgrade your pass and include more routes.
Hop-on hop-off bus tours are an innovative and fun way to see the city. Hop-on hop-off buses roam in the city all over the day. A comprehensive survey is expected so you do not miss anything important. You can take photos from the top of a bus. It is a perfect way to get an amazing overview of a city when you are short on time.
Best time to Visit Dubai
The best months to visit Dubai are November to March. These winter months have pleasant weather and temperature reaches approximately 25 ° Celsius.  June, July, and August months are the hottest and the temperature reaches 40 ° Celsius so you should avoid visiting Dubai in these months.
For how long you should stay in Dubai
4-5 days are perfect for a stay in Dubai. This time is sufficient to explore the city to the best. You can discover all the major tourist attractions and enjoy shopping.
What to carry?
Make sure to carry Sunscreen, Sunglasses, a hat, a Light jacket(for winter months)Medicine kit, a universal adaptor, a Voltage converter, and a Reusable water bottle.
What to Eat?
You can enjoy veg and non-veg cuisines in Dubai. The city is a hub of cuisines and you can relish Lebanese, Japanese, Uzbek, Italian, Syrian, French, Indian, Persian, and Emirati. Make sure to enjoy Shawarma in Dubai. Another must-try dish is a Mandi made of chicken and meat with lots of spices. Falafel is a popular snack that is stuffed in Turkish bread or pita bread. Dubai is also famous for desserts so you should try Baklava, Kulfis, Mehalabiyais, and Knafeh.
Concluding Remarks
Dubai is popular for its beaches, architectural marvels, high-end shopping malls, museums, hotels, and zoos. The city has become a major tourist spot where you can witness several attractions.