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Activities in Lima

Lima, the capital city of Peru stretches greatly from the hills to the ocean. The soaring mountain peaks are dressed with llamas of Andean villagers. Lima is the third most populous city in Peru. Tourists are fascinated by the attractions and picturesque scenes. So it is necessary to take some time to explore this metropolis.

This vibrant city has set a cultural and historical stage with its iconic museums that you cannot witness anywhere in Peru. Tourists can admire the colonial architecture with its vibrant buildings that have wooden carved balconies. Lima has endless tourist attractions that make the tour memorable.

Places/Attractions to explore with Hop-on Hop-Off-Bus-Tour in Lima

Discover the beauty and rich history with the Lima bus tour. You can witness an array of spectacular landmarks in Lima including amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. So don’t wait and get ready to experience the culture, history, and beauty of the city with a bus tour.  Lima hop on hop off bus tour is ideal for experiencing Peru’s capital city.

Museo Larco

This museum is located in the Pueblo Libre District of Lima. It is a privately owned museum that treasures pre-Columbian art. You can witness several permanent exhibitions. The largest jewelry collection is displayed in the Gold and Silver Gallery.  Many eminent rulers of Per-Columbian Peru used this jewelry that comprises crowns, nose ornaments, earrings, vases, and masks that are wrought in gold and embedded with semi-precious stones.

Parque de la Reserva

It is situated in between the two main streets of the city i.e. Arequipa Avenue and the Paseo de la Republica and is located in downtown Lima. This is irregularly shaped and built in a neo-classical style. The park has a fountain with a jet that forces water up to 80mt.


Miraflores is known as a Heroic city. It treasures several gardens, parks, buildings, restaurants, hotels, and shopping complexes. Miraflores is situated on the coast and is one of the outstanding districts of Lima. It is a popular tourist attraction. Various high-end hotels are also present here including nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

Plaza de Armas

One of the main attractions of Lima is the plaza mayor. Several other eminent buildings surround it such as the Cathedral of Lima, Government Palace, the Municipal Palace, Archbishop’s Palace of Lima, and the Palace of the Union.

Centro historico de lima

This is one of the most popular historic landmarks in Peru. We can say that it is a real gem of Spanish architecture, with magnificent buildings with amazing balconies. This is the focal point of the city. It is perfect for walking tours and is home to a group of landmarks including City Hall, the Presidential palace, and the Palace of the Union.

Huaca pucllana

Huaca Pucllana is a pyramid that was built by Lima culture members, a Pre-Incan indigenous coastal civilization that lasted from around 100CE to 650CE. The Lima culture was known for their proficiency in irrigation which helped them in settling across the territory.

Why Should You Take Hop-on Hop-Off-Bus-Tour in Lima?

Lima city tour allows you to discover the beautiful city of Lima. Drive past the amazing attractions with hop on hop off the Lima bus tour. Time is precious and we are always in a hurry so planning a trip can be difficult.

There is a solution that can take away all your worries. All you need to hop on hop off the bus. Lima sightseeing bus tour is an efficient and convenient way to explore the city. Several other reasons make hop-on hop-off bus tours in Lima necessary.

Discover and Familiarize

For a first-time visitor, Lima can seem intimidating and tourists can get difficulty wandering. Hop on hop off bus tour is a boon for traveling which can help in discovering, exploring, shopping, and having fun.

Easy Transition

Lima, an ever-growing and sprawling city has popular attractions that are spread throughout. Hop hop-off bus makes it easy to navigate all through the city hassle-free and seamlessly.


With hop on hop off tour, you get audio or live guides, discounts, and additional attractions to visit. You get most of your trip and discover all the treasures.

Tips & Suggestions to Make Your Hop-on Hop-Off-Bus-Tour in Lima Amazing

Loaded with attractions and history on every corner, Lima is one of the most wonderful cities to visit. There are so many museums and galleries that can mesmerize you.

Consider your visit time

The time of year you choose to visit Lima is important to consider so that you can make a maximum of hop-on-hop-off tours.

Booking is must

One of the best things you can do is to book and organize your tickets before arriving in the city. This way you can make your travel peaceful.

Decide the trip length

Think about the trip length so that you get the most from this tour.

Trip style is must to consider

Considering the trip style is important when you want the best from your tour. You should consider whether you are traveling with family, friends, or as a couple. The skip option is great when you are traveling with kids. When in a couple you can book a romantic dinner accompanied by a bus tour.

Research before you visit

Research is important when you want to make most of the hop-on-hop-off tour. The research need not be detailed but get some idea about what you can witness here. This is how you can make the most of your trip in a day.

Best Time to Take Hop-on Hop-Off-Bus-Tour in Lima

The peak tourist season in Lima is summer with sunny skies and fewer clouds. From December to April Lima experiences little rain and occasional showers. Sunset is beautiful during this time of year. Easter and religious festivals are national holidays so some restaurants and shops are closed. May to November have mild temperatures and you can find misty fog and light rain during this time. This can expect some discounts during this period.