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Activities in Darwin

Do you want to see the heart of Darwin? Feel the spirit and culture of Australia? Visit the beautiful artificial lagoon, experience nature with the Koalas, or enjoy some of the best food in the city. Darwin is the capital of Northern Territory, Australia. It is a tropical city which attracts many tourists all year round and its inhabitants are called Darwinians. It is located next to the Timor Sea and has a population of 142,000 people.
The city has a lot to offer and it is divided into four regions: North Darwin, East Darwin, South Darwin and West Darwin.
In North Darwin region you can find most of the historical buildings like the Northern Territory Parliament House or some significant religious buildings like St Mary's Cathedral from nineteenth century. The Nightcliff Market will also surprise you with its variety of fresh food products, unique souvenirs and live performances all day long.
Must Do Things In Darwin
  • A tour to explore the beauty and history of Darwin City. When travelling to this beautiful city make sure you aren’t missing out any of the attractions mentioned below.
  • Visit the Maritime Museum to learn about the history of northern Australia and its relationship to shipping, exploration and trade for more than 150 years.
  • The Northern Territory Parliament House is also worth a visit. It's an iconic symbol of modern architecture and design that represents indigenous culture with its traditional earth paintings on its walls.
  • The Museum And Art Gallery Of The Northern Territory is one of the oldest galleries in Australia, displaying artworks by some of Australia’s most significant artists from all periods, including Aboriginal art as well as European painting styles such as Impressionism, Post-Impressionism and Modernism.
  • Catch one of many festivals throughout the year like Newcastle's Dawn Festival or Alice Springs' MacDonnell Ranges Arts Festival that celebrate everything Darwin has to offer.
Other important places to visit include:
  • The New Town Hall building
  • Botanical Gardens
  • The New Beach Market
  • Stokes Hill Wharf
Cultural Richness: Explore Darwin's diverse cultural landscape, which combines modern influences with Aboriginal traditions. Learn about the history and art of the area by visiting the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. Participate in local Aboriginal communities to learn about their long-standing customs and religious beliefs.
Wildlife Encounters: Darwin provides fantastic possibilities to see Australia's distinctive fauna. Visit Crocosaurus Cove to encounter ferocious saltwater crocodiles up close. See native creatures in their natural settings at the Territory Wildlife Park. Take a wildlife cruise down the Adelaide River to see jumping crocodiles in all their majestic glory. Explore the clear seas of the adjacent Tiwi Islands for the possibility to see turtles, dolphins, and dugongs.
Historical Significance: Explore Darwin's intriguing past, which was influenced by the strategic location of the city during World War II. Discover the historic locations that were important to the city's defence, such as the Darwin Military Museum and East Point Reserve. Visit the well-known Stokes Hill Wharf and consider the tragic circumstances surrounding Darwin's 1942 bombing.
Outdoor Adventures: Ride an exhilarating airboat through the extensive wetlands of the Top End, where you can view wildlife and negotiate twisting canals. Visit the untamed lands of the nearby national parks to go hiking, fishing, and camping. Enjoy the pristine Casuarina and Mindil beaches while taking in the mystic spectacle of the nightly sunset markets.
Helpful Tips When Visiting Darwin: If you are planning a trip to Darwin and are looking for some helpful tips, here are some suggestions for you to keep in mind.
  • Check the weather in advance: Considering that the weather in Australia can be unpredictable, make sure you check it before you head to Darwin.
  • Pack light: You might want to pack light if you plan on doing lots of outdoor activities while visiting the city of Darwin because it is always hot there and there's not always a need for heavy clothing when starting your day at home.
  • Book your accommodation in advance: Make sure to book your accommodation as soon as possible if you're traveling from abroad, as this can often get difficult once arriving at the airport or another large city such as Sydney or Melbourne
  • Visit the Night cliff Markets: One of the best markets around Darwin is Night cliff Market that is open every Friday from 4pm-9pm and Saturday from 7am-5pm.
For those who are travelling to Darwin for the first time-Make sure to plan your itinerary in advance by consulting travel blogs and other sources for essential information about what the city has to offer such as points of interest, places to dine at etc.

Best Time To Visit Darwin
Darwin has a tropical climate with yearly rainfall that is equally distributed.
Depending on what time of year you visit Darwin, the weather may either be warm and muggy or cold and dry. The rainy season in Darwin, which lasts from December to March, is ideal for seeing gorgeous rainbows but is typically not the best time for outdoor activities.
The dry season, which lasts from April to November, offers more agreeable temperatures and is therefore preferable for outdoor activities like swimming and water sports.

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Big Bus Tours: Darwin Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour
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Big Bus Tours: Darwin Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour
Phil Gilbey

Little disappointing service due to lack of ability to adhere to timetable. Service needs a uber like app showing where next bus is and estimated arrival.