Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we board the bus at any point?

Yes. Most of our Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tours allow you to join a tour and redeem the voucher at any stop you like. Our website, as well as your booking vouchers, have every information about how you can redeem them. 

2. Will we be able to identify the stops?

Bus stops have signage but owing to some traffic regulations, we have them only at the ones where it's approved by the traffic authorities. Signalled stops may have different sizes of signages and it also varies from one tour to another. 

3. Is it possible to buy a single ticket that covers all routes in a city?

Yes, most tickets cover all routes within the city but some might vary depending on the product offered. We recommend checking the individual tour pages to confirm the routes that are included in your ticket.

4. Can you tell me what route each bus is taking?

Yes, each route offers different signs for the multiple routes that it offers.

5. Are the buses accessible to wheelchair users?

Most buses are wheelchair accessible and each of the wheelchair spaces can accommodate wheelchairs with an average width of 70 cm, 135 cm in height, and 120 cm in length. Get in touch with us if your wheelchair is larger than this size or if you aren’t sure of the actual size.

Buses are not made to handle two or more occupied wheelchairs and tourists will have to wait for the next bus if it is already occupied. For any assistance, you can ask the bus driver.

*Conditions may be different based on tours. Please check tour page for more information.

6. Are dogs/ Pets allowed?

Some tours permit travelling with small and well-behaved dogs. We recommend checking your specific information as policy might vary in different cities. 

7. Will we be able to visit every significant attraction?

Each hop-on-hop-off tour that we offer is designed in a manner that you can extensively visit the city. The routes have been designed to pass through the popular sites and attractions in the city.

Our customized routes try to cover as much as possible while considering the time you would love to spend at each location. If you feel the tour doesn’t cover a specific attraction, then you may get down at the closest hop-on-hop-off stop and board again from any of the other stops.

8. How can I purchase tickets?

You can purchase a ticket from our website. You may even purchase a hop-on-hop-off ticket from the bus or any other authorised ticket vendors. 

9. Do I have to take the trip on a specific day if I book in advance?

Unless specifically mentioned, you are permitted to exchange your voucher at the preferred location within 12 months of issuance. Tickets cannot be transferred and you can only use them at the precise location for which it has been purchased. We recommend checking tour-specific information in detail before buying the ticket.

* Please check tour specific information for more details.

10. Why should you take the Hop-On Hop-Off bus?

Tourists are advised to take a full single loop and listen to the live commentary. It will help you decide the places that you prefer to explore according to your interest. You have the flexibility of boarding a bus as many times as you want during the validity of your ticket.

11. Is it possible to purchase tickets on the bus?

Although you may purchase a ticket on the bus, you should remember that not every bus accepts credit card payments. You will have to pay in local money if you wish to purchase it on the bus. 

12. Is the payment system secure?

All our transactions are secured and safe. We have an encrypted payment system that is secured and uses SSL encryption technology. Stay assured you are protected against possible fraud or unauthorised transactions.

3D Secure Payments offer you an extra layer of protection that sends an OTP from your bank to authenticate a transaction. We recommend checking our Privacy and Cookie Policy for any concerns you may have regarding our privacy policies.

13. Which currencies do you accept as payment?

We accept all popular currencies for payments. You can choose between Euros, US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Indian Rupees, U.A.E. Dirham, South African Rand, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Franc, Norwegian Krone and Swedish Krona.

The above currencies are accepted through our online portal, however, if you are purchasing anything in person at the location, you will have to pay in the local currency. 

14. I bought tickets online but have yet to receive a confirmation email. What am I supposed to do?

In case you don’t receive our confirmation email after completing the transaction, we advise you to do the following:

  1. Check your bulk mail or spam folder
  2. If you don’t see it there, send an email to us at Please share all details related to the booking in that email so that we can quickly resolve the issue without any trouble for you.
  3. You may also connect with us through our chat support from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM UK Time.

You will also have a download voucher link on the confirmation page after you have completed the booking.

15. What is the procedure for using my voucher?

You will have to exchange your voucher with the staff or the bus driver at any of the hop-on hop-off stops in the concerned cities. You will receive a ticket in exchange for your voucher, which you must keep until the expiry date/ tour.

Please check your ticket to know when it expires. After exchanging your voucher for a ticket, your voucher will no longer be valid.

In loss of voucher/ticket, company is not liable for any refund.

16. Is there any discounted pricing for groups?

For groups of 12 or more, you may send us an inquiry. Although we do not guarantee bulk deals for all our tours, there are some tours for which we can offer discounted pricing. Ordinary hop-on-hop-off bus tickets are entitled to group savings. Attractions, pass items and combo tickets aren’t.

Due the nature of this type of tour and varying demand, group travellers should be aware that there is no guarantee that the group will be able to travel altogether as the available seats vary from stop to stop and depends on demand each day. The group may need to split up and/or wait for the next bus(s).

You do need to redeem their voucher together at first, but then you will be provided with your individual tickets, so you can go off and explore separately. It is purely the redemption part that you'll need to do together if you book them all on one booking. 

As, we cannot guarantee that the group shall be able to travel together as one group, therefore we will reduce the group size down to 4-5 smaller groups per ticket (depending upon group size).

17. Are there any discounts for children, students, or seniors?

Each tour offers special pricing for students, senior citizens, and children. Additionally, the tours come with free transportation for infants. Some tickets are also covering family tickets that offer excellent value for both a group and a family. 

18. What are the many sorts of tickets available?

Your tickets are valid for a specific period after it has been redeemed. If you are purchasing a combination ticket, we advise rechecking its validity.

1-Day Ticket: These tickets are good for 1 calendar day.

2-Day Ticket: These tickets are good for 2 consecutive calendar days.

24-Hour Ticket: These tickets are good for 24 hours from the time of first redemption. If you board at 3 p.m., for example, your ticket is valid until 3 p.m. the next day.

48-Hour Ticket: These tickets work in the same way as 24-hour tickets. These tickets are good for 48 hours in a row.

19. Is it possible to cancel my tickets?

You can cancel a hop-on-hop-off ticket as per the cancellation policy of each tour. It's available on every tour page.

You are not entitled to get a refund after exchanging the voucher for the ticket and cancel or reschedule after the deadline has passed.

For any cancellation, please contact us at

20. What is a Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour?

Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus tours are organized tours that take you through a fixed route. It lets you explore some of the best locations based on your interests. You have the freedom to hop on and hop off at your preferred stops. Each stop has been strategically positioned throughout the city and facilitates access to the most popular ones. Live guide and onboard audio commentary provide information about the history, sites, and culture of a city.

21. Do I need to wear face mask?

Yes. Face masks must be worn on board the bus. If you do not wear a face mask, the bus staff has the right to refuse you to board the bus.

22. Do you offer discount on carers tickets for disabled passengers?

Sorry, We do not offer any additional discount for carer ticket.