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More About Belgium

Belgium is a nation famed for its enchanting mediaeval towns, delicious breweries, and creative legacy. From cultural activities to historical sites, Belgium provides a distinctive fusion of traditional enchantment and contemporary elegance.
Visit the renowned Atomium, a representation of modernity and ingenuity, and be in awe of the magnificent architecture of the Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy delectable chocolate, Brussels sprouts, and Belgian waffles.
Bruges: A Fairytale Town: Visit Bruges, the "Venice of the North," a superbly preserved mediaeval city that will transport you into a fairytale. Take a leisurely boat ride along the canals, meander through the charming cobblestone alleys, and take in the spectacular architecture, such as the Bruges Belfry, which is a local landmark. Don't pass up the chance to sample the world-class Belgian chocolates when visiting this magical city.
Ghent: A Blend of History and Creativity: Explore the majestic Saint Bavo's Cathedral, take in the mediaeval magnificence of Gravensteen Castle, and stroll through the Werregarenstraat alley to take in the bustling street art culture. The food sector in Ghent is likewise growing, with both conventional and cutting-edge eateries.
Antwerp: Fashion and Diamonds: Discover the dynamic city of Antwerp, renowned for its flourishing diamond and fashion industries. Discover the renowned fashion area, where Belgian designers have made their imprint on the world of fashion, while strolling through the historic center and stopping by the famous Cathedral of Our Lady. Don't pass up the opportunity to see the Diamond District and discover Antwerp's rich diamond history.
Belgian Beer and Cuisine: Enjoy all of Belgium's culinary delights, including its world-famous beers and delectable cuisine. Try a range of Belgian beers, which are renowned for their great quality and distinctive flavors. Enjoy substantial foods such as moules-frites (mussels and fries), carbonnade flamande (beef stew), and Belgian chocolate desserts. 
Best Time to Visit Belgium: The spring (April to June) and summer (July to September) seasons are the finest times to travel to Belgium.