The Tube Copenhagen - Ticket Only

The Tube Copenhagen - Ticket Only


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  • Unmatched immersive experience at Copenhagen Central Station.
  • Challenge your senses and redefine balance inside a Vortex.
  • Explore underwater realms and a massive ball pit.
  • Conveniently located across from Tivoli, making it a perfect city attraction.
  • Capture memorable moments with The Tube's photo system and print unique souvenirs.
  • Mobile Vouchers are accepted (No need to take the print)!


Discover an unparalleled adventure at The Tube Copenhagen, located inside Copenhagen Central Station. This unique immersive experience challenges your senses and transports you to extraordinary realms. Just steps away from the renowned Tivoli, The Tube offers a one-of-a-kind attraction in the heart of the city, perfect for any time of day. If you are seeking an unparalleled experience, The Tube Copenhagen promises an unforgettable journey.


Step into the Vortex at The Tube Copenhagen. This mind-bending experience challenges your balance and perception. Navigate through this captivating space that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Brace yourself for a sensory journey like no other.
Cross the threshold and find yourself submerged in an underwater world. The immersive design at The Tube Copenhagen takes you beneath the surface, creating a mesmerizing experience. Encounter the magic of underwater exploration as you navigate through this captivating environment. But the adventure does not stop there. As you pass through a magical curtain, prepare to find yourself submerged underwater – not literally, of course. The clever use of immersive technologies creates a visual spectacle that tricks your senses, transporting you to an underwater realm without a single drop of water touching you. It is a moment of wonder, a testament to the power of imagination.
Disappear into a world of colour and excitement in the massive ball pit at The Tube. Countless balls surround you, creating a vibrant and playful atmosphere. Let your inner child run wild as you explore this whimsical wonderland, offering joy and laughter around every corner. The Tube Copenhagen not only challenges your senses but also provides tangible memories that you can carry with you long after the adventure concludes.
Situated just across the street from the world-famous Tivoli Gardens, The Tube Copenhagen is perfectly positioned to be a highlight of your visit to the city. Whether you are waiting for your train or simply seeking an unparalleled experience, this attraction promises to be a feast for your senses. Wander through never-ending rooms filled with surprises and storytelling at The Tube Copenhagen. Each room unfolds a new chapter in this immersive adventure, providing an experience that transcends space and time. Revel in the enchanting atmosphere as you discover the secrets hidden within these captivating rooms.
Make memories, and document your journey with The Tube's photo system. Receive a photo pass upon entry and scan it at various photo spots to capture your favorite moments. Print unique souvenirs inside the shop and download photos to your phone, ensuring your Copenhagen experience is shared with the world through captivating Insta-posts. The Tube Copenhagen is a portal to a realm of extraordinary experiences. It is a celebration of joy, creativity, and the boundless possibilities of the imagination – all conveniently located in the heart of Copenhagen. So, whether you are a local looking for a unique outing or a traveler seeking an unforgettable adventure, The Tube Copenhagen beckons with open arms, inviting you to step into a world where the extraordinary becomes the norm.


Opening Hours: 11:00am to 06:00pm (last entry is 45 minutes prior to the closing time)
Duration : 1 Hour approx.
Meeting Point : The TUBE, Bernstorffsgade 14, 1577 Copenhagen, Denmark
(Please check the calander to know about availability)


  • Entrance to The TUBE


  • Meals
  • Transportation

Redemption Info

You can redeem your mobile or printed voucher at the attraction counter The TUBE, Bernstorffsgade 14, 1577 Copenhagen, Denmark
You will receive a ticket in exchange for your voucher, which you must keep until the expiry date/ tour.
Please check your ticket to know when it expires.
After exchanging your voucher for a ticket, your voucher will no longer be valid.
In loss of voucher/ticket, company is not liable for any refund.

Know Before You Go

Voucher Information : Mobile or Printed Vouchers both are accepted !
Wheelchair or Stroller Accessibility : No
Check in time is 5 min advance to the time slot booked.
Food and Drinks are not allowed.
Certain chambers in The Tube are unsuitable or inaccessible for the following due to their nature:
- people who are afraid of small, gloomy spaces or who suffer from claustrophobia;
- those who exhibit mental or physical instability;
- those suffering from anxiety disorders;
- individuals with night blindness or low night vision;
- those with epilepsy that is photosensitive;
- those carrying children;
- Individuals under the age of eight.
It is important to be aware that THE TUBE has not been baby proofed. THE TUBE is not intended for babies and toddlers below 5 years.
Children up to 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
Disclaimer: The Service provider / Tour Operator reserves the right to  close or cancel  certain shows, attractions, entertainments, restaurants, shops or ancillary facilities without notice. There will be no refund provided in that case.

Cancellation Policy

No Cancellation Charges up to 24 hours before the chosen travel date. 100% cancellation fee will apply if cancelled within 24 hours of travel date.