Leipzig Zoo: Skip The Line Ticket

Leipzig Zoo: Skip The Line Ticket

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  • Discover six adventure worlds at Leipzig Zoo.
  • Witness 800+ animal species, including apes, lions, giraffes, and penguins.
  • Free access to the captivating Magisches Tropenleuchten event.
  • Marvel at Siberian tigers and wise elephants in their natural settings.
  • Experience Pongoland, the world's largest great ape enclosure.
  • Smartphone Voucher Accepted! (No need to print)


Founded in 1878, Leipzig Zoo is a captivating blend of wildlife and vegetation, showcasing a diverse array of species from around the world. The zoo's six adventure worlds—Founder's Garden, Gondwanaland, Asia, Pongoland, Africa, and South America—offer a unique opportunity to witness animals in their natural habitats.


Leipzig Zoo is super old and has over 850 animals from everywhere. With a special ticket, you can go in whenever you want and take your time checking out the animals' homes and gardens. Go to monkey islands, penguin pools, and even see sharks in an underground aquarium. Look out for cool animals like orangutans, sloth bears, koalas, rhinos, and tigers. It is like a big adventure!
Are you ready for a big adventure at Leipzig Zoo? It is a magical place with six different spots full of amazing things to see. 
Our journey begins at Founder's Garden, a special place filled with greenery. It is like a lush paradise with many different plants. Filled with colorful flowers, tall trees, and maybe even some friendly butterflies. Founder's Garden is a calm and peaceful start to our zoo adventure.
Next, we explore three exciting places: Gondwanaland, Asia, and Pongoland. These are like homes for many animals from around the world. You might see monkeys swinging from trees, colorful birds flying around, and other creatures having a great time. It is a bit like going on a mini safari without leaving Leipzig!
Now, get ready to be amazed in Africa! This part of the zoo is like a kingdom for majestic lions and wise elephants. Lions are like kings of the jungle with their loud roars, and elephants are like gentle giants. You can watch them and learn interesting things about their lives. It is a real treat for animal lovers!
Time to travel to South America! Here, you will witness dynamic habitats filled with giraffes, antelopes, zebras, and flamingos in the Kiwara savannah. It is like being into a different world where these animals live freely, just like they do in the wild. 
The journey continues with a visit to the Siberian tigers in their big savannah. These tigers are like the kings of cold places, and you will be in awe watching them. After that, find your way to Ganesha Mandir, a shady retreat for elephants. It is a peaceful spot in the middle of the zoo excitement.
Our zoo adventure concludes at Pongoland, the world's largest great ape enclosure. This is where our closest relatives, like chimpanzees and gorillas, hang out. It is like a big family gathering where you can learn about their fascinating lives. Just imagine the joy of seeing these incredible creatures up close!
Leipzig Zoo is like a "zoo of the future." They have big spaces for animals, making sure they are happy. The places are made to feel like nature, and they even have activities for animals to enjoy. The zoo also helps save wildlife by supporting special projects for each group of animals they care about.


Opening Hours : 09:00am to 05:00pm ( Last admission is 30 min prior to the closing time)
Duration : The ticket is valid for 1 day, you may spend as much time as you want to
Meeting Point : 29 Pfaffendorfer Straße, 04105, Leipzig
(Please check the calander to know about availability)


  • Skip the line Admission to the Zoo
  • Access to The Founder's House
  • Access to Pongoland
  • Access to Gondwanaland
  • Access to Africa, South America, Asia


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  • Meals

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